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Here at Latin Bootcamp, we love teaching Latin dancing to beginners and experienced dancers. Seeing people learn Salsa, Bachata and Merengue quickly while having fun is really rewarding. We also understand that many people don’t have the time or money to book weekly dance lessons. That’s why our Latin Bootcamps pack plenty of teaching and practise into fun-filled 3 hour sessions.

Founded in 2018, Latin Bootcamp is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. All our dance lessons take place on spacious and smooth dancefloors in locations that are easy to reach by public transport.

Of course, the effectiveness of any dance lesson is reliant on the quality of the teachers. Our Latin dance instructors are the best in the Netherlands. They know the essentials you need to practise in the 3 hour sessions, whether you’re learning Bachata, Salsa or Merengue.

You will discover how to control your body as you move to the music, maintain your co-ordination and ensure your individuality shines through in your dancing. You’ll also get to practice the all-important steps as well as leading and following techniques.

Naturally, we can’t turn beginners into experts in just 3 hours. But our experience at running Latin dance bootcamps ensure you get to learn all the essentials quickly.

Many of our pupils love Latin Bootcamps so much, they come back for more, which is why we make every Bootcamp slightly different, so repeat customers can learn new moves. And for those who’ve mastered the basics, we also run more advanced Latin Bootcamps, where your 3 hours will be spent practising even more Salsa, Bachata or Merengue techniques.

Get ready to be amazed by how much of a new dance you can learn in just 3 hours at a Salsa, Bachata or Merengue Latin Bootcamp in Rotterdam. We can’t wait to meet you.

The Latin Bootcamp Team

Latin Bootcamps is the brainchild of Miquil Tjon Kon Fat, a Suriname-born Dutch national who is very much an “een veelkunner” entrepreneur – someone with a variety of interests. Helping people learn new Latin dances quickly and at a great value for money price is certainly one of his areas of expertise.

Miquil has experience of running several businesses, including Red Element. Nowadays, most of his time is spent on events management, where he prides himself on his ability to connect people and on building long-term business relationships.

Miquil’s business style is very personable and he’s always up for a good old-fashioned phone call to discuss things. Above all, Miquil is a person you can trust to deliver what he says he will, and to do the right thing for your business.

Should you wish to discuss a suitable business opportunity with Miquil, or if you wish to benefit from his expertise, please call him on +31619191144. Alternatively, you can email miquil@melkow.com.


Born and raised in Amsterdam to Dutch and Curaçao parents, Rachaila’s interest in dancing started at an early age. Her mother helped run Salsa classes and she used to carry Rachaila to the lessons. She soon developed an interest in Afro-Cuban and African rhythms and since 2015 has been teaching Kizomba, Semba, Salsa and Dominican Bachata. Dancing is second nature to Rachaila and she spends every chance she gets on the dancefloor, either dancing solo or with a partner. Her enjoyment of and passion for dancing always shines through, and she loves passing on her skills and expertise at Latin Bootcamp.


UK-born Reycab has been dancing for over 15 years. For him, dancing is a lifestyle. He is a professional Salsa, Bachata and Afro dance teacher who emphasises the importance of rhythm, techniques and the abstract interpretation of music through body movements during the Latin Bootcamps. As well as teaching dance, Reycab is a community artist and dance theatre visual director who has worked on a number of native Afro-urban productions.


Michel’s motivation for being a dance teacher is to share the culture of the land in which he was born – Cuba. Specifically, he wants to show Latin Bootcampers how Cuban’s move their bodies during dance. And he should know, as he has been teaching Salsa for 16 years and also teaches Afro, Rumba, Rueda de Casino and Reggaeton.


Raadj (aka Doctor Machata) is a PhD mathematician (Dr. MSc.) and HBO teacher.
In 2016 he became inspired by, among others, Dominican bachata dancers Samy el Magico & Carolina, Troy & Jorjet and Ataca & la Alemana.
In his spare time he tries to motivate others for this original, challenging and satisfying Bachata style and he tries to help them to master the essential elements of it, namely: dance technique, flow / musicality and footwork.
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