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Leer Bachata binnen een maand dansen!
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Ben je op zoek naar een leuke manier om deze zomer op te vrolijken? Zoek niet verder dan onze Latin Bootcamp-workshops! Voor een beperkte tijd kun je drie Salsa- of Bachata-workshops bijwonen voor de prijs van twee.

What you'll learn

Basic Steps and Footwork

Start by mastering the basic salsa steps and footwork. This includes understanding the timing, weight shifting, and coordination involved in executing the foundational movements of the dance. Pay attention to the correct placement and movement of your feet.

Partner Connection

Salsa is a social dance that involves dancing with a partner. Learning how to establish a connection and communicate effectively with your partner through leading and following is crucial. Focus on developing a clear and responsive connection to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dance experience.

Rhythm and Timing

Salsa music has a distinct rhythm, usually characterized by the "1-2-3, 5-6-7" count. It's important to develop a sense of timing and sync your steps and movements with the music. Practice counting and recognizing the beats to stay in sync with the rhythm.

Body Movement and Styling

Salsa involves more than just footwork. Learning body movement and styling techniques adds flair and enhances your overall performance. Work on isolating body parts, incorporating hip and shoulder movement, and expressing the music through your body.

Turns and Spins

Salsa is known for its exciting turns and spins. Practice proper technique for executing turns, including spotting, maintaining balance, and controlling your momentum. Learn different types of turns and gradually progress to more advanced variations.

Musicality and Interpretation

Salsa is a dance that reflects the music it accompanies. Focus on developing musicality by understanding the various instruments, rhythms, and accents in salsa music. Interpret the music through your movements, emphasizing breaks and accents to add dynamism and creativity to your dance.

Deze actie is geldig tot maandag 31 juli 2023. De workshop vouchers zijn tot en met 31 december 2023 te gebruiken.​


All Latin Bootcamps take place in Rotterdam and Amsterdam at central locations that are easily accessible by public transport. Also, they all feature quality dance floors that are ideal for dancers of all levels.


Our Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton bootcamps are designed for participants of all skill levels.And we like to keep it simple.That’s why at LatinBootcamp we have only 3 levels. 


ontmoet nieuwe mensen en sluit je aan bij onze community van gezellige Latin liefhebbers die deelnemen aan dansworkshops van de beste dansdocenten in Nederland..

Deze actie is geldig tot maandag 31 juli 2023. De workshop vouchers zijn tot en met 31 december 2023 te gebruiken.​

The Coaches

The coaches at LatinBootcamp are some of the most talented and experienced dance coaches in the world. Ramsley, Maaite, Tania, Rachaila are just a few of the amazing coaches that make LatinBootcamp such a great and fun place to learn Latin dance. With their passion, expertise, and positive teaching styles, these coaches are helping students all over the world master the art of Latin dance. If you’re looking to learn Latin dance, there’s no better place to start than

What students are saying

Wat een leuke bootcamp! Goede docent, leuke groep, mooie locatie. In korte tijd heb ik de basisstappen geleerd, zeker een aanrader voor iedereen die salsa wil leren!
Raissa Tjon Kon Fat
I had a great time during the Cuban Salsa Bootcamp! The salsa instructors had a fun and relaxed way of guiding us through the techniques, which created a nice atmosphere. I personally benefited greatly from this particular class and I am definitely looking forward to the next level of this bootcamp!
Charmaine Valentine
Afgelopen zondag een leuke bachata workshop van Latin Bootcamp mee mogen maken. WAT een positieve energie stralen deze leraren uit! Heel fijne les en zal zeker ook nog bij de 3 uur durende bootcamps aanwezig zijn ♥️ (kan ook niet wachten op de Cuban Salsa lessen)
Sandra Nuis
Leuke gezellige opendag gehad, 2 lessen gevolgd, cuban salsa en dominican bachata. Heel leerzaam! Kom zeker nog eens voor een lange bootcamp.
Isabella van Heeren
Superleuke workshop salsa en bachata gevolgd. Complimenten aan de docenten, de organisatie Avenue Nine en groep. Er heerste een leuke vibe en de tijd vloog voorbij!! Een aanrader als je van dansen houd of kennis wilt maken met Latin dance. Het vervolg is nu de bootcamp… tot gauw💃🏽🕺🏽
Maureen Duvant
Meegedaan aan deze bootcamp en een erg leuke middag gehad. Bootcamp is voor iedereen te doen! Zelf weinig tot geen ervaring met Salsa maar aan het eind van de middag heb je ech veel geleerd en ben verbaasd hoeveel meer je dan kan. Bootcamp is erg gezellig in een ongedwongen sfeer. Mooie locatie ook!!
W.A den wouter

Deze actie is geldig tot maandag 31 juli 2023. De workshop vouchers zijn tot en met 31 december 2023 te gebruiken.​


Why should I join?

Our expert coaches are dedicated to creating a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. With our summer deal, you can attend three workshops for the price of two and learn new dance techniques at a discounted price.

When can I start my course?

Don't miss out on our upcoming workshop! Secure your spot now for next week's event. Join a community of like-minded individuals and gain practical insights and useful takeaways. We have workshops every Sunday in July but remember, no events in August due to local festivals. We'll be back in September with fresh workshops salsa and bachata.

Do I need a partner?

One of the biggest barriers to learning how to dance salsa or bachata is not having a partner to practice with. But at Latin Bootcamp, we've solved that problem! Our workshops are designed for couples and individuals, so you don't need to bring a partner to attend.

Can I really learn how to dance in 1 month?

While we can't promise to turn you into a professional dancer in just one month, we can promise to teach you how to have fun while dancing. Our expert coaches are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

What payment methods do you accept?

At Latin Bootcamp, we offer a variety of payment methods to make it easy for you to join our workshops! You can pay online using major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept payments through PayPal for your convenience.

Deze actie is geldig tot 31 juli 2023. De bootcamps vouchers zijn tot en met december 2023 te gebruiken.​