No time to commit to a weekly class? Or simply not willing to wait ten weeks to finally master those basic elements? Check out our bootcamps, which will teach you everything you need to know within only 3 hours. LatinBootcamp, the place for the best Salsa, Bachata and Merengue Bootcamps in Rotterdam.


Latin Bootcamp Top Locations

Top Locations

Dance Bootcamps take place in the city of Rotterdam. All of our locations are centrally located, easily accessible by public transport, and above all accommodated with a good danceable floor. Lunch and drinks are optional choices.

Latin Bootcamp Top Instructors

Top Instructors

Dancing is more than just learning steps. Our dance instructors will not only show you how to move, but they will also teach you how to control your body, coordinate every part of it and above all, to make every move your very own. Besides focussing on moves, they will show you how to activate your dance muscles and teach you about leading and following techniques.

Latin Bootcamp 3 Hours Dancing Shortcuts

Dancing Shortcuts

‘LatinBootcamp’ stands for high quality and therefore provides you with the best dance bootcamps in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. By applying efficient teaching strategies, after our beginners 1 bootcamp, you will master all basic principles in only three hours.


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Read what people have to say about us!

This is the bootcamp I've been looking for!!I knew how to dance Bachata Dominican but just from seeying.This bootcamp gave me the basics to dance and guide properlyand the extras to shine on the dancefloor :DFurthermore, I've experienced a very good vibe with people from different ages, different (other) dance levels and teachers whogave clear instructions and explinations.Definitely looking forward to the next bootcamp!!!
Raoul Koningverander
Raoul Koningverander
12:28 12 Mar 19
I enjoyed Latin Bootcamp very much! The teachers, the energy, the love and ofcourse the dances. I tried a lot of workshops but I was always missing the root of the dance in the workshops. Latin Bootcamp gives you that authentic feeling of the dance with the vibes that I was looking for! So thank you
The Spiritualist
The Spiritualist
10:51 10 Mar 19
I had a great time during the Cuban Salsa Bootcamp! The salsa instructors had a fun and relaxed way of guiding us through the techniques, which created a nice atmosphere. I personally benefited greatly from this particular class and I am definitely looking forward to the next level of this bootcamp!
Charmaine Valentine
Charmaine Valentine
15:40 10 Feb 19