Mirrors: 3 Reasons We Absolutely Don’t Like Them


Dancing without mirrors may seem challenging, but it can be beneficial to your development as a dancer. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why mirrors are not always our friend at Latin Bootcamp when it comes to improving the salsa and bachata dancing skills of our students.

1. The Importance of Connection and the Role of Mirrors

One of the primary reasons we consciously avoid mirrors while dancing is because they can distract us from our dance partners. If we focus too much on our reflections, we might miss the chance to create a stronger bond with our partner. This bond is usually built through eye contact and touch. Dancing is essentially about social interaction and maintaining a strong connection with your partner. Mirrors can interrupt this connection, causing unnecessary interruptions. That’s why none of our locations, including our new home at The Social Hub Rotterdam, have mirrors.

The Connection At Salsa or Bachata Bootcamp Without Mirrors
The Connection At Salsa or Bachata Bootcamp Without Mirrors

2. The Pitfall of Overthinking Salsa and Bachata

Mirrors in a dance setting can often lead us to overthink our dance moves. When we see ourselves reflected, we might start focusing too much on every little detail of our dance performance. This level of scrutiny isn’t always beneficial. In fact, it can contribute to feelings of self-consciousness and may lead us to overanalyze every move we make. This overanalysis can quickly turn into anxiety and self-doubt. These negative feelings can hinder our progress in learning new dance moves or perfecting ones we already know. Furthermore, they can also take away from the joy and pleasure of dancing.

However, when mirrors are taken out of the equation, we are able to shift our attention from how our dance looks to how it feels. This shift allows us to focus on the inherent feeling of the dance, encouraging our bodies to move in a more intuitive and natural way. We can let go of the external and often critical eye, and instead, immerse ourselves in the rhythm and flow of the dance. We can focus on the music, our partner, and the movements themselves, rather than how those movements look. This can lead to a more authentic and enjoyable dance experience.

3. The Distraction of Comparison

Lastly, mirrors can serve as a significant source of distraction during a salsa or bachata bootcamp. They not only divert our attention away from our partner, but they can also foster a competitive, and therefore stressful, environment. When we observe others dancing in the mirror, it becomes all too easy to slip into a comparison trap, measuring ourselves against them, which can be disheartening and discouraging. Without the presence of mirrors, we are free to concentrate on our personal progress and take pleasure in the dance without any external distractions.

No Mirrors at The Social Hub Library
Our New Home, The Library of The Social Hub Rotterdam

In summary, there are numerous compelling reasons why we advocate for a reduced reliance on mirrors during a salsa or bachata BootCamp at Latin Bootcamp. Mirrors can inadvertently erode the connection between partners, encourage overthinking and excessive self-critique, and serve as a distracting element in a learning environment. Opting to dance without mirrors can allow us to focus more intently on the intrinsic feeling of the dance and foster a meaningful connection with our partner on a deeper, more emotional level. So, the next time you find yourself at a salsa or bachata bootcamp, try embracing the challenge of dancing without mirrors. You might be surprised at the impact it can have on both your technical skills and your overall enjoyment of the experience.

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